Abstract for Information Literacy Game Design and Assessment Project

The purpose of this project is to design an information literacy game that requires students to research and evaluate sources before answering digital game questions.  The problem being addressed is that of students oftentimes being disengaged and uninterested in traditional information literacy classroom instruction and methods.  An interactive multimedia quiz game can provide students with an additional way to learn how to do library research and evaluate sources.  Quiz questions will be created (with  in Wonder QuizCreator (Version 4.5) in multimedia format that includes some combination of text notes, audio and video that students can refer to for each question (for scaffolding purposes) before answering it.  This quiz game can be published on the computer or on the Internet for student use.  Students who are enrolled in a college-level information literacy course or completing an information literacy module will play this quiz game in a library computer lab because of the opportunities for these students to interact, collaborate, and learn from one another.  Students will be assessed on whether they: 1) picked the right library search tool (such as library catalog or databases); 2) whether they picked the right information source (such as book, journal, or Internet source); and 3) whether they evaluated the source correctly (in terms of an author’s expertise, currency, and academic credentials, etc.).  The final product will be an information literacy quiz game of about 10-15 questions that will help students learn how to research and evaluate library sources.


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